What we are not:

We provide e-mail services only.

We are not an internet portal. We do not provide you with a phone number to dial into the internet, or a broadband connection to your home. You need an ISP for those services. (If you live between east Wickenburg and Circle City, you can use our parent company's high-speed broadband service.)

What we offer you is the freedom to choose any ISP you want, and change it as often as you can find a better deal, without worrying about interruptions in your mail service.

We are not a web-hosting service, an IRC service, a shell-account provider, or a USENET news host.

We are also not a public accommodation. We accept only subscribers with addresses in Wickenburg and the region bounded by Congress, Aguila, and Morristown/Circle City. We intend to reserve addresses at wickenburg.us for people with actual addresses in and around Wickenburg, US.

We offer a permanent e-mail presence for an attractive price. We hope you'll agree.